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Coinbase was the fourth most traded share across the UK in the 12 months through April 2023, according to new data.

The data extracted from Plus500’s trading feature +Insights shed light on the most traded instruments on Plus500’s CFD trading platform over the past 12 months.

From May to April, the UK’s most traded share is Tesla. Amazon and NIO are the second and third most-traded shares, followed by Coinbase. No other cryptocurrency company appears in the national top 10.

Among the UK’s 10 most actively traded shares throughout the past 12 months, most are technology and auto manufacturing companies, occupying six places. 

The UK’s top 10 stocks consist of three auto manufacturing companies: Tesla, NIO and Rivian; three technology stocks: Meta, Apple, Snap; one consumer discretionary stock: Amazon; one cryptocurrency company: Coinbase; one pharmaceutical, Aurora; one energy stock; Uniper.

Compared with the most traded instruments in Australia, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands, the UK is the only country to rank Coinbase among its top 10.